The Team was activated for a Search detail in Ligonier today with Murrysville Medic One, the Greensburg Bloodhound Team, and Ligonier Valley Police Department. Results were not what we had hoped, but ...
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The Team was activated to assist Slickville Fire Department with traffic control for a large scale event. Units blocked off traffic at multiple locations for security and safe purposes. Along with tra...
The Team was activated to assist Greensburg PD & Greensburg Fire Department with traffic control. Units blocked off traffic at multiple locations for security and safe purposes. Along with traffic...
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021
This morning members attended a traffic detail and the final send off for Chief Jerry Lucia. A very nice tribute for a man that was respected and loved by so many.Our thoughts will continue to be with...
Thursday, April 4th, 2019
The team was asked to assist Greensburg Sportsman's club with a control burn. The team used this opportunity as a training detail and as an opportunity to test our equipment along with working sid...
Sunday, March 10th, 2019
2019 Purse Bash Winning Numbers
Saturday, March 9th, 2019
This past Saturday members hosted the 2019 Purse Bash fundraiser. This is one of the teams largest fundraisers we do. Thank you to all the members and everyone who attend or bought tickets. This was a...
About us

Welcome to Westmoreland County Team 211 Rough Terrain Support Unit.

" Team 211 Were Not Just for Brush Fires Anymore "

History of the Team

Westmoreland County TEAM 211 Rough Terrain Fire & Rescue (RTFR) is a self-reliant support team for search, rescue, and brush/wildland fires. RTFR is an all volunteer team that uses mostly our own money to purchase and build all of the equipment that we use; from ATV’s, stokes baskets and trailers to water tanks, pumps and hand tools. Our members pay for these things right out of their own pockets. Our team currently responds throughout 5 counties providing our assistance, professionalism, experience, and service. We work with many agencies including the Red Cross, PEMA, FEMA, PA State Police and the PA Turnpike Commission just to name a few.

What We Provide

Evolution From then to Now

TEAM 211 is available to assist any emergency agency with: 
● Wildland firefighting ● All natural disasters  ● Search and rescue ● Remote crime scene access and lighting for law enforcement  ● Physical recovery  ● ATV, Horse, Dog, and Foot Teams  ● Enclosed trailer used as command ● Tow behind water tankers with pumps that can be used as drop tanks.
Not only can we provide help in the above ways, but we also are partnered with Murrysville Medic One who responds to all of our calls with their rehab unit; not just for our protection, but yours as well!

In the mid- to late 30’s, wildland firefighters used damp feed sacks and any tool they had on hand to suppress wildfires; carrying in on foot everything they would need to fight the fire. Later introduced were tools like the Brush broom, Drip torch, Indian tanks, Pulaski, Flapper and the Council tools. Despite the new technology, hand tools used in wildfire fighting have not changed over the years nor has the way you carry them onto the front line. In the early 50's, a new fleet of fire trucks was put into service which put an end to the farmer's despair over fires throughout rural America. These trucks could carry 500 to 700 gallons of water. Produce trucks carrying milk cans full of water were used to help supply the pumpers. The 50's also saw the use of the Jeep. The Jeep, with its 4-wheel drive capabilities, could haul 80 gallons of water, a pump, a hose reel, and hand tools.

Using the concept of the Jeep and applying today’s technological advances, TEAM 211 uses ATV’s to carry water, tools, and additional personnel onto the front line. Most of the tanks we use are only 55 gallons, but with 5 or more ATV's running back and forth we can carry more water to the front line. If someone gets injured, suffers from exhaustion, or just can’t walk any further how many of your people will it take to get them out? With TEAM 211 it will take 1 to 2 people.
TEAM 211 not only helps with fires, but also with search and rescue. We have Dog, Horse, Foot, and (of course) ATV Teams at our disposal. Couple our equipment with our extensive training, knowledge, and professionalism and you’re left with highly trained personnel willing and able to get the mission accomplished. So when the next wildfire, brush fire or missing or lost person call comes in, give us a call.

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